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Funding Opportunities

Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (EFSP)
Funding Period: Phase 34 (June 2015 - July 2016)
Deadline to apply is 4 p.m. August 9, 2017

General Information
Qualifying emergency food and shelter services run by local service agencies are urged to apply for Federal funds awarded to Itasca County through the Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (EFSP).

Itasca County has been chosen to receive $32,195 to supplement and expand ongoing efforts to provide shelter, food, and supportive services for individuals and family who are experiencing hunger, homelessness and in economic crisis. This is an increase from the previous award of $6,361 through the EFSP’s State-Set-Aside process and the first direct allocation from the national Board since 2010.

A local board, facilitated by United Way of 1000 Lakes, with representatives from county government, The Salvation Army, and American Red Cross, as well as advocates for the homeless, faith-based organizations and community partners governs how the funds will be distributed.

Under the terms of the grant from the national board, local agencies chosen to receive funds must:

• Be private, voluntary non-profits or units of government, 
• Be eligible to receive Federal funds, 
• Have an accounting system, 
• Practice nondiscrimination,
• Have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs, 
• Have a voluntary board (if they are a private voluntary organization)

To apply for Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds, submit cover letter and complete application (below) to United Way of 1000 Lakes by mail to 350 NW 1st Ave., Suite A, Grand Rapids, MN or email info@unitedwayof1000lakes. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Applications must be received by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.

Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program (EFSP): Application

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